May 2023 Future Plans Survey Results

The Undergraduate and Graduate Future Plans Survey (FPS) asks those graduating with a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree about their future plans. The survey is administered around the time of commencement each fall and spring semester. Reports on results for the FPS can be found on the ISA website.

Use this point-and-click interface to explore key results from the May 2023 FPS. Select and filter results by degree, college, and/or academic program to get summary statistics of the survey population and number of respondents, the number accepting a full-time job or attending graduate/professional school, and starting salary for those with full-time employment.

Click on the college, department, or academic program name to see details related to the post-graduate employment (i.e., name of organization where working and job title) and further education (i.e., institution, degree, program) of survey respondents from that college/department/program.

1) Departments and academic programs in which no student conferred a degree in the semester of the survey's administration are not displayed in the results below.
2) Statistics on salary information are provided only for departments and academic programs in which two or more respondents reported their salary.
3) Details on employment and further education are provided only for departments and academic programs in which two or more respondents reported their employment and/or further education destinations.

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University Quick Facts
Average Reported Salary $65,635
Median Reported Salary $68,750
College with highest reported average salary: College of Engineering
All Colleges: Bachelor's Degree Recipients
College May 2023
Grad/Prof School
Full Time Job
Avg. Starting
Median Starting
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 457 196 42.9% 80 83 73 $47,192 $48,750
College of Design 105 31 29.5% 6 12 8 $68,125 $65,000
College of Education 124 63 50.8% 9 35 33 $42,689 $41,250
College of Engineering 1152 557 48.4% 140 347 322 $78,230 $76,250
College of Humanities and Social Sciences 703 240 34.1% 108 65 51 $50,147 $46,250
College of Natural Resources 203 79 38.9% 17 34 26 $45,192 $43,750
College of Sciences 479 157 32.8% 85 44 34 $46,949 $40,000
Poole College of Management 689 275 39.9% 37 192 164 $65,762 $66,250
Wilson College of Textiles 152 63 41.4% 15 33 27 $64,306 $63,750
University Total 4,064 1,661 40.9% 497 845 738 $65,635 $68,750